Texas Gold

Style: Kream Ale

Texas Gold is the spirit of Texan Innovation in a can. Our Kream ale is top fermented using the finest dry hops and German Kölsch Yeast. Texas Gold United easy-going drinkability with a full character profile worthy of a Texan. Put on your sittin' britches and clink a glass with your friends, this gold is on us- Stay Gold Cowboy.

Bull's English Brown

Style: English Style Brown Ale

Brewing brilliant beer is a trait we learned well from our British buddies across the pond Bull's English Brown is our little revolution. The aroma of caramel and smoke blended with subtle notes of honey and fine tobacco make this ale a timeless classic. Bull's English Brown is bold and beautiful. This is a declaration of innovation on a historic English brew and makes for a 'bloody' good beer.

American Wit

Style: Belgian-American Witbier

Strait-laced on the outside – audacious on the inside. It looks the part, and you know first impressions are everything. We upped the ante with this iteration of a Belgian style wit beer. American hops add a dynamic that compliments the ample amount of spices we added to achieve this beer’s bold, malty sweetness. These mosaic hops enhance a strong, fruity and juicy fruit like aroma that precedes the hint of citrus and coriander spices that’s subtle and refreshing. This session beer goes one step further and commands respect in true American fashion.


Style: German Pale Ale

A German style pale ale debatably does not exist in the craft beer industry. Until now. 3 Nations’ German Pale Ale (GPA) is our experiment turned calling card. We couldn’t be more proud of the way this beer’s enormous citrus, passion fruit, and lemony like aromas blend with a bitterness that gives it a recognizable finish. Plus, the well-rounded malt profile balances out the American hops. That’s right, we used American hops to brew this cross of a German Alt/Koelsch. It’s not blasphemy. Just a revised version of a traditional style, with a little greatness mixed in.

Three Nations Brewing Co

2405 Squire Pl #200 - Farmers Branch/Tx